Open Caption: A Community Halloween

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The Halloween episodes continue tonight with Community's annual entry, pictured below. But first, here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From DavidJackson8:
Shawn: "Why do you look more like Jules from Pulp Fiction than Blacula?"
Gus: "Shawn! We agreed to go as Jules and Vincent months ago! I already had the hair done this morning when you called me to change!"

From Geek_Queen:
Juliet: "Shawn, you look more like the lead singer of Nickelback than Lestat."
Gus: "Or Michael Bolton."
Shawn: "You two are just jealous of my flowing-mane-of-awesomeness!"

From knicks0320 :
Shawn: "Gus, I'm having trouble breathing with all the onion repellent."
Gus: "I told you, call me Lando, and it's garlic that repels vampires, not onions."
Shawn: "I've heard it both ways."

Today's Image: Community
Will this be the episode where Jeff and Annie sleep together, as promised in the season-opening musical number?

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