Open Caption: A Scene From What May Be the Last Episode of Terra Nova Ever

Captionistas: It is with a heavy heart that I tell you today is our last Open Caption of 2011. No more until 2012! That is, if the world still exists by then. Kidding! I kid. Of course it will! The sheer force of your brain power will keep the planets in rotation. I'm sure of it. But, we'll be back Tuesday, January 3 with a whole new batch of daily contests, don't you fret. Anyway, here are the winners from last Thursday's contest:

From DavidJackson8:
Dee: See, I managed to move the fat and loose skin I got from my pregnancy all to my back.
Charlie: Eew! Why would you do that?!
Dee: Because I refuse to have a belly as big as Mac's!

From Geek_Queen:
Mac: "Your tramp stamp is of a tramp's face?!"
Charlie: "Ugh, it's so detailed, you can almost smell him from here."

From Arch_Angel88:
Dee: "Baby got back!"
Mac, Charlie, Dennis (in unison): "Baby GET back!"

Today's Image: Terra Nova
Will tonight's episode be the last we see of Fox's futuristic dinosaur show? Does this shot of Jim and Taylor shaking on it reveal any clues? Tell us what you think! And just to keep things interesting, we won't reveal the winners of this contest until January 3! Just like Fox won't reveal Terra Nova's fate until the new year. That's right folks, the Open Caption jury can play the cliffhanger game, too!

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