Open Caption: Attractively Petite Fibbers

Uh oh, I've been called out for being too teen-centric. (Newsroom didn't do it for you?) I hear you, though! I've been lured in by the endless amount of captionable photos these teen shows put out. Where are all the goofy pictures from our favorite scintillating summer dramas starring adults? But seriously, I'll make an honest effort to feature a greater variety of shows—STARTING TOMORROW. And hey, maybe this means it's time to start one of our summer "theme" weeks. OooOoo. Here are your winners from yesterday's contest:

From Geek_Queen:

Sasha: "Look, I got Robert Pattinson to sign my bunion!"
Ginny: "Cool! What was he like?"
Sasha: "He had such a sparkling personality."

From BDRegan:

Girls: "No, really! We're laughing WITH you!"
"And pointing, taking pictures, and gossiping later about your feet... WITH you!"

From heartzkidnapper:
Sasha: "And this is why they accepted me in the new movie of Planet of the Apes

Today's Image: Pretty Little Liars

Tonight's episode is called "Birds of a Feather," because girls who lie constantly clearly "flock together," right? In it, Caleb starts to get angrily suspicious about Hanna's visits with Mona, which tempts her to come clean. Similarly, Aria is tempted to tell her mother about her dad's new dating habits. Meanwhile, Spencer tries to find skeletons in her sister's closet (not literally—well, maybe literally?), and Emily meets Maya's cousin. Could there be sparks!? In the still below, Emily sits with Maya's cousin. And for some reason she has a T-shirt. OMG SO CUTE. (I don't think he thinks so, though). Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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