Open Caption: Awkward.

My sincerest apologies for standing you all up yesterday. I was kidnapped had some very important TV business to attend to, and it pulled me away from Open Captions for the day. Thanks for understanding! Because, you know, I assume you understand. And hey, it gave you extra time to think about your caption suggestions—did you use it? It sure looks like it! Here are the winners from Tuesday's contest:

From Europass:

Neal: "Look, I painted Peter and Elizabeth's tiny faces on the marbles! So, realistically, it's like we are all together again!"
Mozzie: "I missed you, Mrs. Suit!"

From isakura:

Mozzie: "Candyland just isn't as fun to play without the board."
Neal: "Stop complaining or we'll see how much you like imaginary Monopoly."

From DavidJackson8:
Garson: "Oh, I saw Magic Mike over the weekend."
Bomer: "What'd you think?"
Garson: "Meh. I already knew you were gay."

Today's Image: Awkward.

You know, it's really tough to get photos for MTV shows in advance. They're not so great about posting them. But I got one. I did it for you. Because I care! Tonight's Awkward episode, "Three's a Crowd," is about Jenna's attempt to ignore Matty's clingy behavior. In the still below, Jenna complains to Tamara about her weirdo love triangle/third-wheel sitch between her, Matty, and Jake. But instead of soaking it all in, Tamara decides to give her the brutal word that she's the one reaching "saran wrap" status with Jake. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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