Open Caption: Baby Daddy Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper

Good morrow, brothers. How art thou(s) on this blessed Hump Wednesday? Bet you didn't know I'm fluent in Olde English. Or that Hump Wednesday was a legitimate holiday back in the 1600s. Or that I love to make up historical facts. Here are your winners from yesterday's contest:

From ToddMurray:

Hanna: "One radish and I'm stuffed!"
Aria: "You can eat a whole radish? Cow!"

From heartzkidnapper:

Director behind scene: "Girls, this food is not to eat, it is just for the scene!"
Hanna: "Shit!"
Aria: "Don't look at the plate, don't look at the plate... geez, I can't hold myself anymore!"

From Geek_Queen:
Spencer: "Hanna, we're planning on playing hooky, not hooker. Go change."

Today's Image: Baby Daddy

I know you guys have just been DYING for tonight's season premiere, I hear you dreaming about it while you sleep and it's uber-creepy (the dreams, not that I watch you while you sleep). Anyway, it's finally here! Rejoice! In the premiere, new father, Ben—who doesn't know he's a father until his baby gets left on his doorstep—decides to raise his surprise child with the help of his insanely selfless friends and family. Fun fact: the baby is played by twins, just like Full House! OMG COULD THIS BE THE NEXT FULL HOUSE?! Probably not, but wouldn't that be cool? In the still below, Ben attempts to change his first diaper. Interesting system he has there, by covering his eyes but leaving his sense of smell completely unarmed. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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