Open Caption: Bent

Scientists and philosophers alike have long since debated the correlation between the length of time a TV show has been on the air and the level of amusement we get out of captioning it. Personally, I think it's more fun to put a caption on a show that's never aired. While you contemplate your personal opinions on the matter, here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From qbe_64:

Russell: "My other barbecue is a yacht."

From Taccado:

To the left: Dermot, hand on hip, staring.
To the right: Zooey, just hipstering.

From chas031:

Jess: "Adorkable, adorkable, adorkable."
Russell: "Amazing. And they actually let you TEACH????"

Today's Image: Bent

It it just me, or did this show come out of nowhere? NBC's brand new series is about a sophisticated alpha-female, Alex (Amanda Peet), and the guy she's hired to renovate her Venice, CA home, Pete (David Walton). I'm guessing it's like The Odd Couple meets the DIY channel's Kitchen Crashers. In the still below, taken from tonight's pilot (it's on at 9pm), Alex helps Pete out by handing him some tool—oh wait, that's wine. She's pouring him wine. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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