Open Caption: Big Love (January 10)

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Hey there! It's time for the latest installment of our weekly Open Caption contest. Last week, we posted this shot of CSI: NY's Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) carrying on with a bunch of clowns. These captions earned a cute little balloon animal.

... From spirit_chaser:
They really got all these guys in one car?

... From docspector:
All right, rookies, your training starts today. We don't want you looking like clowns out there...

... From JoyceKenneson:
When I said, "Any clown could secure the crime scene," I didn't mean it literally.

... From CrimeDramaBee:
Where's Seeley Booth when you need him?

... From j_machado82:
Gary Sinise had a meeting with the CBS executives earlier this week.

Up next: This shot from Big Love's Season 5 premiere, which airs this Sunday. Post your best caption idea in the comments!

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