Open Caption: Blast to the Past with Married... with Children

Well, you certainly managed to expel a few of those disturbing thoughts you've been harboring inside your brains all this time. I mean, this is a judgement-free zone and all, but after reviewing some of yesterday's comments I'm guessing we've all seen one too many torture flicks. These boys are just kids! Regardless, great job making it hard to pick a winner again—we made it all the way to Friday with so many great suggestions throughout the week! Here are your winners from yesterday's contest:

From jkpop_07:

Adam: "Wow your skin is so soft. Do you use Olay for men?"
Callum: "No, Old Spice."
Adam: "Oooooh, nice!"
Jake: "Adam, focus!"
Adam: "Right!"

From heartzkidnapper:

Adam: "Calm down, dude. You're always acting weird when you're hungry. Jake, give him a Snickers bar right now!"

From Jimmy_Fishkin:

Jake and Adam: "Won't use hair gel, eh? We'll fix that..."

Today's Image: Married... with Children

What you see before you is an actual still from Fox's epic Married... with Children pilot, which first aired in 1987. It will be aired again this Sunday as part of Fox's 25th Anniversary Special, so stay tuned. In it, we meet the Bundy family—Al was a high school football star who's now a shoe salesman, Peggy is his dimwitted wife, Kelly is their loosey-goosey daughter, and Bud is their baby-faced, girl-crazy, but unpopular son. In the still below, Peggy (left) and Al (right) have a heart-to-heart. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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