Open Caption: Blythe Danner on Up All Night

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Wow, you guys really brought out the hate for Glee, and I have to admit I'm with you. Sorry, Ryan Murphy! But at least yesterday's contest made for some deliciously snarky entries. Congratulations to these winners:

From docspector:
So, you're saying that the producers spend so much on copyright clearances that they only have enough wardrobe budget for one costume per character?

From pcsjunior002:
What Brittany thinks she said: "I think that the medicinal properties of pot would encourage a furthering of the discussion for the legalization of this drug." What Brittany actually said: "My cat told me that this is illegal."

From shre123:
Glee: Half the laughs. Twice the Calories.

Today's Image: Up All Night
Blythe Danner guest-stars as Reagan's mom tonight, and apparently they're a family that mouth-kisses. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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