Open Caption: Boardwalk Empire's Season 3 Premiere

Well, as you may have noticed, there was no Open Caption contest yesterday. Sadly (but also excitingly) I was called away last minute to attend a TOP SECRET set visit. It wasn't that top secret, actually, you'll find out about it soon enough. But the point is that I didn't have time to dedicate to Open Caption, so I apologize. But here are the winners from Wednesday's contest:

From ViridianDynamic:

"Someday you, too, will have a carefully groomed "barely there" beard."

From JT_Kirk:

"Aww, looook, you're daddy's little career-ender, yes you are, yes you are."

From shre123:

Gary: "Aww, he has your eyes..."
Chris: "And you have some of his puke... on your chin."

Today's Image: Boardwalk Empire

I really wanted to pay homage to the Weeds series finale this weekend, but Showtime hasn't posted any episode stills from the finale. For shame! I get very disappointed when that happens. But hey, Boardwalk Empire ain't too shabby! And HBO stepped up to the plate with episode stills! The Season 3 premiere airs this weekend, so set those DVRs. In the still below, which is from the premiere, creepy ol' mama Darmody (Gillian Darmody to be exact) stands watch over two-faced Richard Harrow, who is politely helping little Tommy Darmody do whatever he's doing with that pencil. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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