Open Caption: Bones

You guys really made it tough for me this morning. So many good captions, so few open spaces in the winner's circle! But I love a good challenge, and reading through all your submissions kept reminding me how much I enjoyed last night's Game of Thrones premiere. Too much fun. And now, back to work! Here are the winning captions from Friday's contest:

From shre123:

Cersei: "You stand as tall as I sit, brother. Unfortunate that you do not have Jamie's prominence."
Tyrion: "Yes, you do seem to have more of our brother in you these days, dear sister."

From FringeFanatic:

Cersei: "That is an interesting pin you're wearing, brother. I imagine it must be bigger than that little prick of yours."
Tyrion: "Speaking of little pricks, dear sister. How is King Joffrey faring these days?"

From Dovahkiin:

Cersei: "See! Now that's how a king wields a sword. I told you Joffrey would win."
Tyrion: "Yes! Yes! But did you have to test him against the blind, legless Jester?"

Today's Image: Bones

Season 7 has returned—and now that both Deschanel sisters are back on Fox all is right with the world. Also, Brennan is, like, super preggers. In tonight's episode, "The Prisoner in the Pipe," Booth and Brennan investigate a prisoner's remains, which were found in a sewer pipe. But all signs seem to suggest the convict wasn't killed in the sewer. Meanwhile, Booth asks Brennan to take it easy, because apparently it's not healthy for baby-mamas to handle germy bones. Go figure. In the still below, the parents-to-be visit a prison cafeteria where the inmates prefer to eat off the floors, and Bones looks like she's about to burst. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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