Open Caption: Bones Makes a Killing

Here's a happy little Monday treat: Friday's photo brought forth twice as many caption suggestions as usual! How do you like them apples? (I happen to like them very, very much). Speaking of apples, here are your winners from Friday's contest:

From AnimeMadness:

Red: "Snow if you don't wake up, I'm gonna huff, and puff, and I'm gonna cut you!"

From Taccado:

"This week's episode of Once Upon a Time turns sinister when it recreates the story of The Black Dahlia."

From someone38:

Granny: "Oh, Red, when are you going to get rid of that horrible habit of drawing mustaches on unconscious princesses' faces?"
Red: "I just can't help it!"

Today's Image: Bones

Get ready for another string of finales this week, folks! In tonight's Bones finale, Brennan and Booth investigate a serial killer, until all evidence begins to point to Brennan. Spooky! In the still below, Booth and Brennan exchange words—earmuffs on the baby, please, Bones! Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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