Open Caption: Brandon Walsh Sports a Bathrobe on Psych

Hey guys, I hope you're adjusting to our new look! I know these things take time, but hey, at least you have Open Caption to get you through the transition. And kudos to these here winners from yesterday's contest:

From scho22:
Jess: "This is what the world inside of my head looks like all year round."

From darquesyde:
"Hey Winger, it's Nick. We're outside the apartment, but Schmidt is refusing to come in until after he gets to see Annie's Boobs."

Today's Image: Psych
Tonight's episode flashes back to the golden era of '90s television as both Jason Priestley, a.k.a Brandon 'That Hair' Walsh, and Lori Loughlin, a.k.a Uncle Jesse's hot wife on Full House, guest-star in terrycloth bathrobes. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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