Open Caption: Breaking Bad's Season 4 finale

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TGIF, Open Captioners! Let's get right down to business. First, how 'bout a round of applause for the best entries from yesterday's contest, which featured a shot of Seth Rogen on The League:

From mrmeetoo:
Seth Rogen: If there's a Green Hornet 2, you trade me Michael Vick. Let's shake on it.

From chas031:
"Yeah, yeah, so it's a little small. The good news is, when ya sit at the kid's table they cut your meat for ya."

From Geek_Queen:
Seth Rogen meets with The CW to pitch his idea for a new series about a drug-addicted superhero, High and Mighty.

Today's Image:
Here's a shot of Breaking Bad's Walt and Saul looking like they're up to no good in this Sunday's Season 4 finale. That's right, you heard me: finale. Better make this caption a good one, people.

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