Open Caption: Bring It, Bunheads!

Whoa! It's Monday! How'd that happen—weird, that's exactly what I said on Friday. Next thing you know I'll be taking Punxsutawney Phil cliff diving. Name that movie reference! Now: Here are your winners from Friday's contest:

From wind_shadow:

Lafayette, *thinking*: "Maybe if I close my eyes and ignore her...."
Sookie: " do know I can read minds, right?"

From JamesButko:

Sookie: "Can you roll up the window?"
Lafayette: "Ugh, but it's a manuaaaal!"

From Taccado:
Sookie: "I'm so, so sorry..."
Lafayette: "About Jesus? Yeah, me too."
Sookie: "No, I'm talking about your hairstyle."

Today's Image: Bunheads

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the season premiere of the most fun-to-say show title on television, BUNheads. I could say that word all day. The faster you say it, the better. In tonight's pilot episode, Vegas showgirl—Michelle—decides to get married and moves back to suburbville to teach some teens how to do toe stands in tutus. Each girl is driven in her own unique way, and Michelle will have to learn how to cater to each—and will likely learn a lot about herself along the way. In the still below, Michelle instructs while her student Sasha (in orange) watches, skeptically. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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