Open Caption: Bunheads

Oh, hey there. You're seeing straight: I'm back. After what feels like a zillion days in retrospect (even though it whizzed by like a three-hour siesta) I am here in the motherland and ready for Open Caption battle. Let's make it a good one, yeah? I've got a lot of beaches to be nostalgic about so a little humor's going to do me—and all of us, let's face it—some major good! Today we actually have a double winner. What can I say, when the people like you enough, you can occupy two spots in the winner's circle! Here are the winners from like way long ago's contest:

From DavidJackson8:
Ryan: "Wow, DVDs. Thanks, Wilfred."
Wilfred: "What the hell is a DVD? I'm giving you a bunch of Matt Damon pictures."

From Geek_Queen:

Ryan: "Wilfred, whose bone is that?"
Wilfred: "The mailman's. We played tag. He lost."

From DavidJackson8:

Ryan: "Uh, there's nothing in this box, Wilfred."
Wilfred: "It's a lesson."
Ryan: "What's the lesson?"
Wilfred: "That you're a selfish prick who thinks he deserves presents when it's not even his birthday."

Today's Image: Bunheads

You know, this show gets a surprising amount of street cred for being (a) on ABC Family and (b) a show about ballet. So we're going to caption it. In tonight's episode, "Blank Up, It's Time," Boo gets cast in one of Fanny's major stage production after Sasha's bad 'tude gets her the boot. In the still below, bad-seed Sasha faces off with Fanny. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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