Open Caption: Bunheads with Bunions

Kudos to all of you who stepped up to the plate for Friday's caption—and to those of you who actually watched Sorkin's Newsroom, what'dya think? Does today's top caption (a double-win for BDRegan, who also took it home last Thursday) actually reflect your new feelings about the show? Here are your winners from Friday's contest:

From BDRegan:

Don: "Something Rob Lowe said in West Wing."
Charlie: "Something Robert Guillaume said in Sports Night."
Will: "Something Bradley Whitford said in Studio 60."

(Then they all walk down the hall.)

From FringeFanatic:

Don: "Sanctimonious much?!"
Will: "Nuh-Uh!"
Charlie (sigh): "I miss Law & Order."

From Yaspaa:
Don: "This mental tennis sucks."

Today's Image: Bunheads

I'm gonna come clean: I did not think this show was going to be as well-received as it seems to have become. Kudos to ABC Family for pulling it off thus far. Tonight's third episode, titled "Inherit the Wind," kicks off when Fanny discovers she's inheriting something strange—uh, could it be the wind? Also, Michelle has an embarrassing run-in with the po-lice, which draws a lot of unwanted attention her way—thankfully some of that attention is from a very handsome loner-type. Oh, and the girls compete with other dance students in something called an "ugly feet" contest. Ew. I mean, cool? In the still below, the girls huddle around while Michelle takes a snapshot of Sasha's (mutant?) foot. Ginny (far left) looks the most intrigued, wouldn't you say? Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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