Open Caption: Castle's Season Finale

It's been a big weekend, both for TV and otherwise, and I for one am glad to be back in the captioning hot seat—even though, technically, I've never been in the hot seat. I'm glad to be putting you all back in the hot seat. Cue the evil laughter. Here are your winners from yesterday's contest:

From Europass:

Walter: "What if we got canceled in the other universe?"
Olivia: "Don't worry, Walter, we closed that bridge."

From FringeFanatic:

Walter: "I just had the queerest sensation of being watched. Possibly remote viewed.'"
Olivia: "By who? Cortexiphan kids? David Robert Jones?"
Walter: "No, a force even more sinister ... captioners."

From BDRegan:

Olivia: "Don't worry, Walter. There will be custard no matter which timeline we end up in."

Today's Image: Castle

In tonight's season finale, aptly titled, "Always," (don't let that worry you, the show is still projected to come back next season), Castle starts to worry about Beckett's sanity after a case triggers her desire to hunt down the man who shot her. In the still below, Castle and Beckett examine a car at the crime scene. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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