Open Caption: Common Law

For those of you who actually watched Anger Management last night, were you as disappointed with it as we were? I mean yeesh, after all that buzz... oh well! At least we've got the weekend on our side! Your homework for the weekend, by the way, is to attend at least three barbecues. Here are your winners from yesterday's contest:

From isakura:

Charlie: "I'm even better at snorting this stuff."

From Mate:

Charlie: "Am I Lady or the Tramp? Damn, I am so tripping balls right now."

From darkitp:
"Previously on Two and a Half Men..... without the troll, the maid, and the fat kid."

Today's Image: Common Law

In tonight's episode, Travis and Wes are thrown into an assignment that's intended to make them hate each other less—and it involves role-playing. Did I miss something? When did this show become so kinky? In the episode still below, Travis and Wes speak to a woman at a crime scene. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

Psst! Once you're done a-captioning, check out this exclusive clip from tonight's episode, in which Wes and Travis debate the merits of listening to jazz vs. hip-hop while pursuing a suspect.

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