Open Caption: Community's War Rages On

Oh my gawd, how hard did you all cry when the credits started rolling on One Tree Hill last night? Based on your comments from yesterday's Open Caption, not hard at all. Not even a little bit, in fact. It's okay, I didn't, either. Though I wanted to, in theory. I mean the show's been on for nine years, for goodness sake, it deserves a salty farewell tear or two. Stepping down from my soapbox, here are the winning captions from yesterday's contest:

From docspector:

"Hey, remember when people used to gather together around a TV to watch the same show at the same time?"

From mermayd:

"That's what happened to the cast of the OC after their show finished. But don't worry, it will never happen to us!"

From shre123:

Ted: "Who knew that 10 seasons could be summed up into one Excel Document?"
Victoria: "Ahh, the cells and cells of memories..."

Today's Image: Community

With all the negative press this show has gotten over the last week (what with the Chevy Chase/Dan Harmon feud and all), I thought it might be nice to lighten the load with something hilarious—so this one's on you, guys. The fate of Community rests on your shoulders. Too much? Okay, our high spirits rest on your shoulders. In tonight's episode, the war between Troy and Abed intensifies. In the still below, Jeff gives one of his Jeff-speeches to a room filled with people and draped in blankets. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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