Open Caption: Cougar Town Returns!

Some may say putting words into other people's mouths is rude. I say it's wonderful. At least, it's wonderful when said people are TV characters frozen in time on a TV screen. You might not want to try it with your Valentine tonight. Here are the winners of yesterday's Open Caption contest:

From jools19:
Nate: "You know, it's really intimidating to like a girl who looks better in a tie than I do..."

From qbe_64:
Nate: "Line those up on the table for me and I will rock your world with my glass harp rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star."

From movieblogger:
Nate: "This isn't Harry Potter, you don't have to take seven movies to kiss me."

Today's Image: Cougar Town

It's finally back! In tonight's season premiere, Jules (Courteney Cox) makes an attempt to prove to Grayson that she's not as "predictable" as he thinks. In the still below, Jules lays low under a TP'd tree with Laurie (Busy Philips) and her weirdo neighbor, Tom (Bob Clendenin). Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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