Open Caption: CSI: NY (January 3)

Happy new year, and welcome to the first installment of Open Caption for 2011! Two weeks ago, we posted this shot of Human Target's Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley) using his fists of fury at a shopping mall. These captions knocked us out cold.

... From Neksmater:
High five for holiday cheer!

... From DejanTurnek:
Dude, sorry I cut the line for Santa!

... From Geek_Queen:
Guerrero: "Dude, you are the worst patty-cake player ever."

... From DebraMcClure:
I may be small but I'm tough—didn't you see Bad News Bears?

... From Gamer35:
"Don't hate me because I am a better Nicolas Cage than Nicolas Cage."

Up next: This shot from Friday's episode of CSI: NY, featuring Detective Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) and a bunch of clowns. Post your best caption idea in the comments!

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