Open Caption: Dallas

Greetings, Wednesday warriors. You've made it through the toughest part of the week thus far, so congratulate yourself with some Open Caption commentary. Huzzah! Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From jelly_donut_92:

Connor: "Wait, I want you to see my good side. I mean, the one that's not horribly scarred."

From FringeFanatic:

Raquel: "What happened to your face?"
Connor: "Firefly fanboys from Comic-Con thought we were together so they jumped me. Those nerdy freaks can scrap!"

From 007intraining:
Allison: "I should've gone to that firefly panel."
Carter: "Me too."

Today's Image: Dallas

Alright, The L.A. Complex didn't go over well, I get it. Though I did know I could count on you to turn a mediocre teen drama into a giant Firefly reference, so well played! Let's try something a little more... soapy? Dallas will do! In tonight's episode, all sorts of drama is about to go down: John Ross tries to turn the family even further against each other, Rebecca starts giving away her secrets all willy-nilly, and Bobby deals with a confrontation from his wife's ex-husband. But J.R.—we're not so sure what J.R. is up to because all we've been given to work with is the following photo of him interacting with a mysterious woman (wait—is that his ex-wife?) Thankfully the elusive quality of whatever's going on here works in your favor because now anything goes! Post your best caption ideas in the comments.

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