Open Caption: Dallas Comes Back Kicking

Because I have yet to get into Rizzoli & Isles, myself (though I'm thinking about it, based on your recommendations), I have no idea whether the winning caption got the most likes because it's an inside joke within the show or because the word DiNozzo is fun to look at. Perhaps you can enlighten me! Here are your winners from yesterday's contest:

From Gorand2055:

Isles: "He found me!"
Rizzoli: "Who found you?"
Isles: "DiNozzo."

From shocker713:

Sasha Alexander (Maura):: "Hide me, Angie...I hear NCIS fans..."

From scho22:

Maura:: "Do you think we stand out?"

Today's Image: Dallas

Hey! None of us have seen this show, yet! Let's caption it! (Don't you love that I do this to you?) Perhaps those of you who have seen the 80s version will have the advantage—but probably not. In tonight's premiere(s)—it's a double-header—we are reunited with the Ewings, an old oil-biz family, when they attend a wedding for Bobby's son, Christopher. Old familial rivalries heat up between Bobby and his brother, JR, when the family secretly strikes oil and the lines that define which family members are allowed to stake claim in the fortune are blurred. In the still below, Elena Ramos (the cook's daughter, who's secretly still in love with Christopher) and John Ross Ewing (JR Ewing's heir, who's openly in love with Elena) strike oil. Post your best ideas in the comments, and may the best caption win!

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