Open Caption: Eureka

Greetings, earthlings, did you ingest your fair share of 4th of July barbecue food this weekend? There's still time! The Independence Day colors in the winning caption kind of happened on accident today, but now I'm thinking of continuing the theme all week. Holiday spirit! Here are your winners from yesterday's contest:

From Taccado:

Woman: "What's his problem?"
Wes: "Oh, he is just giving me the silent treatment because I took the last doughnut."

From qbe_64:

Travis (internal dialogue): "Looking at her boobs... she's not looking at me... still looking... oh! She caught me! Look away, act cool."
Wes (internal dialogue): "I wonder what kind of conditioner she uses? I wish my hair was that soft."

From jkpop_07:
Woman: "Uh... are you guys gonna help me or just pose for GQ?"

Today's Image: Eureka

In tonight's episode, "Mirror, Mirror," a botched experiment results in the town of Eureka's isolation from the rest of the universe. While attempting to normalize things, the scientists realize that, "oh, yeah, all of human life is suddenly threatened, too." Awesome. In the still below, Dr. Holly Martin (Felicia Day—made famous by the web series The Guild) strikes a strange pose while Zane, in the back there, watches. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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