Open Caption: Eureka's Final Hours

It's Monday already? I've hardly even blinked since Friday. I assume you all caught Breaking Bad's return last night—was it as epic as you hoped it would be? Did it include a conversation about Heisenburgers? Because our version certainly did! Here are the winners from Friday's contest:

From Neksmater:

Walt: "What do you mean we can't change Pollos Hermanos to Heisenburger?!!"

From Taccado:

Walt: "Can you remind me why we always have our business meetings in the middle of nowhere?"
Jesse: "Yeah, what are we, some bad guys in a TV show?"

From DavidJackson8:
Walt: "Yeah, I killed him. He's in Hell now."
Paul, breaking character: "You mean Revolution?"
Banks: "No, he must mean Once Upon a Time."
Cranston: "Guys, the cameras are rolling. Get into character!"

Today's Image: Eureka

I know we just recently captioned this but tonight is the SERIES FINALE (single tear), so as it's our last chance EVER, I decided it was worth featuring again. In tonight's episode, "Just Another Day," wormholes threaten to destroy Eureka and the Department of Defense plans to shut the town down for good. In the still below, Jo, Jack, Allison, and Zane (L to R) try to process whatever it is they're looking at (a wormhole?) Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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