Open Caption: Falling Skies

Good morning, sunshines! I hope you're ready for another glorious weekend. If you're not, then, well, I'm glad you like your job? Here are your winners from yesterday's contest:

From Mate:

Jessica: "I'm visualizing you naked."
Harvey: "I'm visualizing me naked, too."

From phoenix_1986:

Jessica:: "Stop looking at me, Harvey—I haven't decided which grave to put you in."

From scho22:
Harvey: "What are we mourning?"
Jessica: "The loss of Firefly."

Today's Image: Falling Skies

TNT's action-packed alien thriller is back for the summer with not one but two premiere episodes airing back-to-back. Who's ready for some apocalyptic activity? In the premiere(s), Tom returns from his time with the Skitters to discover that nobody finds him trustworthy, anymore. (What did he think would happen?) Pope makes some drastic leadership moves, and Ben battles through his growing rage toward his enemy. In the still below, Ben stands up after defeating an alien in hand-to-hand combat. That kid's got drive! Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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