Open Caption: Fringe

As our own jtrolio says, "It's Diaper Time!" and it is also award time, because woah, you guys are giving the writers of 30 Rock a run for their money with all these great entries. Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From Taccado:
Liz: I'm so close to becoming a spinster with a herd of cats that I'm practicing using a chastity belt. Oddly comfortable.
Pete: Oddly sexy.

From Geek_Queen:
Pete: "Hey, Liz, what are you wearing?"
Liz: "Depends."
Pete: "Depends on what?"

From DrkMgcn399:
The aftermath of Liz being told that she may have to host Saturday Night Live with musical guest Ke$ha.

Today's Image: Fringe
It's back! Fringe is back! And so is Walter, and his necktie, and a time when our nation was lead by presidents who love peanuts. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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