Open Caption: GCB

If Rebecca Black were here, she'd tell us what we're already thinking: It's Friday! Whatever happened to her, anyway? While I ponder that conundrum, here are the winners from yesterday's contest. Congratulations to you all!

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From pcsjunior002:

Sheldon: "If we accept the premise that you are more important than my 'bros,' then we also must accept that our relationship has proceeded to the 'next level,' which would require coitus, and I refuse to accept that."

From ben45tpy:

[Laugh track for the whole scene]

From Crazy-for-TV:

Sheldon: "Your aunt is turning 93. If her age is any indicator of her health, I'll attend her 94th birthday."
Amy: "Really, Sheldon? You won't attend my aunt's party? I'm forced to celebrate Leonard Nimoy's birthday with you!"

Today's Image: GCB

In Sunday night's episode, our protagonist, Amanda, must balance her mother, Gigi's, incessant need to reintroduce her to the community alongside Carlene's attempts to toss her into the theoretical (and, let's face it: theological) fire. In the still below, Sharon, the formerly-attractive cheerleader-turned overeater's (not-so)anonymous member, gets into a cotton candy tiff with her hubby, Zach. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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