Open Caption: Glee

Alright people, who wants to trade? I'll give you all my Tootsie Rolls and Jolly Ranchers for your Reese's Pieces or Twix. Anyone? Anyone? Okay, fine, keep thinking about it. In the meantime, here are the winners from yesterday's Open Caption contest:

From gabfan31:
Zoe: "I wanted my egg poached!"
Jim: "Eat your breakfast, honey, there are children starving in the Cretaceous Period."

From phonzee101:
Jim: "Clearly this is an Ankylosaurus egg."
Elisabeth: "It could belong to another species."
Zoe: "You're both wrong, this will hatch into... A YOSHI."

From mermayd:
"There's going to be one hell of Kinder Surprise in this thing."

From tv_worm:
Zoe: "Mommy, what if an evil and scary dinosaur comes out of this egg?"
Elisabeth: "Honey! There are no such things as scary dinosaurs in Terra Nova. Anyone attacked by a dinosaur on this show gets healed by bandages within the hour."

Today's Image: Glee
It looks like Rory from The Glee Project really hit the jack pot... emphasis on the "pot." Tap tap tap. Um, is this thing on? Get it? He gets to be on the show and eat magic brownies with Brittany! Do you guys even care it's coming back tonight?

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