Open Caption: Glee

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Is anyone else having a hard time adjusting to the interim period between Thanksgiving and the December holidays? I want more pie! But you know what helps? Our daily Open Caption contest. You're the constant in my life, people! I couldn't do it without you!

P.S. Even though you're all special, here are the especially special winners from yesterday's contest:

From Vidsignup:
Wilson: "House, what are you doing?"
House: "I'm going to get Cameron to come back."
Wilson: "Why can't you just use the phone?"
House: "That wouldn't be any fun, now would it?"

From docspector:
I've ruled out all possible medical causes for the patient's condition, and I'm left with two possibilities: He's either a werewolf or a vampire. So I put a silver bullet in the clip and this wooden stake in the barrel, and either way I'll cure his condition.

From shre123:
Wilson: House! What on earth are you doing?
House: I'm making a statement. With two different types of lead!

From Im_right_aint_i:
Wilson: Sorry, House, but that's not how you erase a serial number off a gun.

Today's Image: Glee
In tonight's episode, Sue will be hanging with Coach Bieste, who may or may not be crying... again. Also, the episode is called "I Kissed a Girl." Post your best caption ideas in the comments!