Open Caption: Go On

So yesterday one of you asked a brilliant question: What are the "rules" for Open Caption? I have the answer: There are no rules. You could literally submit jibberish and I would consider crowning you the next Open Caption winner—that's just the beauty of the game. Now I'm wishing I actually had a crown to send each winner. Maybe someday... Until then, here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From Taccado:

Jay: "You wrote "your beautiful" instead of "you're." My inner grammar Nazi is crying."

From Tim_H:

"Your face when you spent the last ten minutes trying to get high off of non-toxic spray paint."


Simon: "I feel strange, Have we done this before?"

Today's Image: Go On

Matthew Perry returns to TV! Let's hope he stays there! In NBC's latest Matthew Perry revival, the former Friend plays Ryan—a hyper agressive sportscaster who has had trouble managing his anger every since his wife passed. I mean, listen, if there's any reason to turn into a schmuck, that's probably the most acceptable one. But in the hopes of turning him around, his co-workers push him into grief counseling. In the still below, Ryan (L) chills next to some dude in costume—aka a gymnast—during a session. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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