Open Caption: Gossip Girl

Holy moly, you guys must really love The Walking Dead (or love to hate it, if the comments on Tim's review are any indication). You came out in record numbers to test your screenwriting skills for last week's Open Caption and I'm so over-the-moon appreciative that I'm going to tell my agent to take you all on as clients. At least I would, if I had one. Here are the winners:

From JamesButko:
Shane: "This is the worst tailgate party I've ever been to."

From myaddow:
Shane: "I wish Maury was here so he could tell us who the father is."

From paplec:
Shane: "Where's Chuck Norris when you need him?"

Honorable Mention:

From crazylegs99:
Shane: "I miss Community"

Today's Image: Gossip Girl

The name of tonight's episode is "Crazy Cupid Love," which suggests an attack by cherubs who've misplaced their meds. If that were the case, they'd certainly be no match for the bitchy stares radiating from the faces of the Constance Billard School alumni. In the still below, Lola (Ella Rae Peck) is approached by Nate (Chace Crawford) to discuss... well, it could be anything, really. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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