Open Caption: Grimm

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This batch of captions is really special. You each channeled the voice of Ron Swanson, and for a second I thought he'd rigged the whole contest. Here are the winners:

From torque_smacky:
"I remember my first gingerbread house. It was approximately 30 feet tall, coated in around 600 bags of sugar, had working plumbing and electricity, and was adorned with 70-pound giant gumdrops attached with rivets. The children were delicious."

From shre123:
Ron: [In interview] Did I build this ergonomically sound gingerbread house? Yes. Was I aware that Leslie planned to decorate it with structurally ineffective confectionary? ... No. No I was not.

From crazylegs99:
"Christmas is a government sponsored conspiracy to dupe the middle class into emptying their pockets. That being said, this gingerbread house looks scrumptious."

Today's Image: Grimm
In tonight's episode, "The Three Bad Wolves," Nick and Hank will investigate a home explosion and meet this guy, who, quite frankly, does look pretty bad. I'm basing that solely on his outfit, though. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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