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What'd you guys think of Animal Practice? Judging by the comment submissions, I'm thinking most of you were skeptical. But it wasn't too shabby for a pilot, right? Now let's see if those of you who tried were able to match the show's wacky tone. Here are the winners from Friday's contest:


Dr. Coleman: "Tell Mr. Trump we've found a matching donor!"

From JT_Kirk:

Dr. Coleman: "See this dog heart? That dog has about as much chance of living without this organ as our show does on NBC."


Dr. Coleman: "Dorothy, I shouldn't be letting you assist on this one, you're too emotionally involved."
Dorothy: "Do you think I could just stand idly by while my Toto undergoes a life altering operation?"
Dr. Coleman: "I still don't understand how you talked me into giving this dog a breast augmentation."

Today's Image: Grimm

It's baaack! Everybody's favorite fairy tale procedural picks up tonight with "Bad Teeth." Everyone is where we left them—shaken. Hank is still in tatters, trying to figure out what's really going on outside of the human realm, and Nick is forced to grapple with both his estranged mom's sudden arrival and his girlfriend, Juliette's, sudden lapse into a coma—not to mention the new Mauvais Dentes monster lurking around Portland. In the still below, we catch a glimpse of the Mauvais Dentes. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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