Open Caption: Guys With Kids

Open Caption is back! And so am I, but that's not really as important. It's captioning we want! After a full week's worth of submissions, I still managed to choose the top three, so here are the winners from last week's contest:

From Mate:

Emma: "I can sing one of my songs!"
Jax: "I can drive off a bridge!"

From Homerman92:

"High School Musical 4: The Biker Years"

From Hitchhiker:

Emma: "Is this really a shortcut to Disneyland?"

Today's Image: Guys With Kids

After all the heat I got for almost forgetting Damages on What to Watch Tonight, I thought I'd try to find a still from tonight's season finale for ya'll. But sadly, DirecTV isn't so good at posting press photos of their shows. Not that surprised, really. So we had to get scrappy and decided to post a still from NBC's new Guys With Kids show, which I'm sure very few of your are excited about, but hey let's still have some fun with those captions, eh? In the still below, Chris (R) and Gary (L) talk to a baby, nbd. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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