Open Caption: Haven

Were you just so excited to see Leslie Knope again last night? And how about that John McCain guest appearance? It wasn't quite like the image I posted suggested it would be, but it was still pretty great.

Speaking of great, I have some news that falls toward the opposite side of that spectrum (a.k.a. the "not so great" side): Next week will be my last at I've enjoyed working here so much—this site is run by really, really great people, you guys—but I came across an opportunity that couldn't pass up, so I made the difficult decision to say goodbye. As far as what will happen to Open Caption, I'm not entirely sure. It may go on a brief hiatus until the team can find a replacement "host," so to speak, but you can read more on that in Jen's next Letter from the Editor, which will go up today or tomorrow. I'll really miss getting to read your submissions each day! It was truly a joy to start off each morning with a laugh. So thank YOU! Now let's quit blubbering and make the next week of Open Captioning the BEST WEEK EVVEERRRRRR!!!

Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From darkitp:

Leslie: "After 76 years, I finally dragged McCain out of the closet..."
McCain: "Don't ask, don't tell... lol"

From CJ42090:

Leslie: "Hey Senator, do you think Mitt Romney has any chance of winning the election?"
McCain: "Knope!"

From smithinjapan:

Amy Poehler: "I can see Russia from my window, eh, McCain??"

Today's Image: Haven

Hey, did you guys know this show was based on Stephen King's The Colorado Kid? Trivia! Haven returns for its third season tonight and it kicks off with Duke and Nathan looking for Audrey. But back in town, things are starting to get stranger than ever before, which leads many to believe that more disappearances might start to occur. In the still below, Nathan (R) appears to be holding a baseball bat while staring threateningly at Duke (L). Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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