Open Caption: Hawaii Five-0's Flashback

Welcome back, Open Captioners. I hope you celebrated your Saint Patrick's Days responsibly. I know I sure did should have. By the way, I'm glad I'm not alone in my hankering for old-school TGIF caption contests. Keep your eyes out and we may just surprise you one of these days. In the meantime, here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From shre123:

Kenny "Whoa, whoa, guys! You gotta buy tickets to the gun show before you can touch these bazookas."

From MicahSmith3:

Kenny "This whole outfit was supposed to rip away. Come on, guys, help me rip this off!"

From FringeFanatic:

Kenny "Apollo Creed would never have been treated like this!"

Today's Image: Hawaii Five-0

Speaking of old-school shows, remember when Ed Asner played art smuggler August March in the original Hawaii Five-0 back in 1975? No? That's okay, he was only in one episode. But tonight he's back! In "Kalele (Faith)," Steve calls upon the former smuggler to stage a sting—and footage from Asner's original episode will air, providing nostalgic flashbacks for everyone over 50. In the still below, August March (Asner) makes a scene. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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