Open Caption: HBO's Girls

Congratulations, you survived another week of open captioning! That's saying a lot, especially if you survive through the end of the day—because it's Friday the 13th!!!!. Spooky, right? I didn't even think about that as I started this stream-of-consciousness intro. But so long as we all stick to our superstitions, I think we'll be just fine. Speaking of spooky, here are your winners from yesterday's contest:

From jaynashvil:

Pauly D: "If we're going back to your place, we'd better hurry. My 15 minutes are almost over."

From FringeFanatic:

Pauly D (inner monologue): "It could be worse... at least she's not Snooki."

From qbe_64:

Pauly D: "You any good in bed, baby?"
Girl: "Well I don't want to prosti-toot my own horn, but I kind of do this professionally."

Today's Image: Girls

HBO's newest hipster dramedy about a group of girls in Brooklyn, NY takes flight this coming Sunday. The series follows the girls through their dysfunctional relationships with boys, each other, and themselves. In the pilot, bohemian globe-trotter Jessa (Jemima Kirke) returns to NYC and reunites with main-character Hannah (Lena Dunham), an aspiring writer whose just been cut off from her parents, and Hannah's roommate, Marnie (Allison Williams, daughter of Brian Williams—yes, that Brian Williams). In the still below, Marnie (left) sits on the lap of her boyfriend, Charlie (Chris Abbott, center), who she's growing bored with, while Jessa (right) gazes off at something off-screen. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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