Open Caption: Hot in Cleveland

Come one, come all, folks, to the biggest attraction this side of the Mississippi. Well, it's an attraction, anyway. The race to the spotlight on The River's Open Caption shot has been decided. (It was a photo finish —drumroll?) Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From Loooooooooooost:

Lincoln: "I don't get it, all I see are 5 white people staring at a laptop."

Editor's Note: Well played on the meta angle!

From ben45tpy:

Tess: "We've been staring at this for five hours, maybe you should try turning it on."

From Writerpatrick:

Magus Crew: "Hey look! There's a sale on cameras!"

Today's Image: Hot In Cleveland

I'm not sure if anyone watches this show (is it any good?), but I figured we should take a moment to board the Betty White train and check in on her latest gig. In tonight's episode, "Hot and Heavy," Victoria invests in a fat suit and joins Overeaters Anonymous in an attempt to win a Newsie Award. Elka tags along, too, claiming she was once 600 pounds heavier. What a couple of liars! What insignificant goals they have! In the still below, Victoria hits on a man at the bar. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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