Open Caption: House's "Free" Time

Hello, Open Captioners! Are you ready to carry on Ilana's legacy? She has some fancy shoes to fill, but I'm up for the challenge and looking forward to getting to know all of you screenwriting spoof artists along the way. Your Once Upon a Time entries were an impressive start! Here are the winners from this weekend's contest:

From jaynashvil:
Snow: "What's my next line?"
King Leopold: "It doesn't matter. The CGI guys are replacing you with Mila Kunis."

From Writerpatrick:
Snow: "Daddy, when I said the castle should be more 'green' I meant environmentally aware."

From zeofan1:
Snow White: "UGH! Ever since you hired that new decorator, this whole place looks like a Granny Smith! I hope I never see an apple again!"

Today's Image: House
Now that House is without his ankle monitor, he's discovering what it's like to be a free man again. And we all know what freedom means: Guns! Lots of them! This still from tonight's episode, "Runaways," features House embracing his newfound liberty with his team in tow. (Starting on the left, that's Dr. Jessica Adams, Dr. Robert Chase, Dr. Chris Taub, and Dr. Chi Park.) What do you think they're saying to each other between gun shots? Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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