Open Caption: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Give me an O, Give me a P! Give me an...Okay, cutting to the chase: Open Captioners, well done with this pic of Modern Family's Phil Dunphy getting his cheer on! And with that, may all of you have a cheer-full day! Here are the winner's from yesterday's contest!

From Taccado:
BREAKING NEWS: On Tuesday morning a mystery man was caught making indecent proposals and sexually harassing the cheerleading squad on campus. The man was identified as Ty Burrell, the actor playing Phil Dunphy on ABC's hit show Modern Family. The charges were later dropped when the actor was discovered to be in character as Phil Dunphy, making his erratic behaviour completely understandable.

From Crazy-for-TV:
Phil: "Like I said before, I know all the dances from High School Musical."

From shre123:
Phil: (Interview) I've learned everything I needed to know about cheerleading from Bring it On... and "Bring it On: All or Nothing." The 2nd and 4th were fun, but not the inspiration for my routine.

Today's Image: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Sweet Dee is dressed as Longjohn Silver. Oh, and we need a clean-up on aisle 6.

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