Open Caption: Lie to Me (August 9)

'Sup. It's time for the latest installment of our weekly open caption feature. Last week, we posted this stoic shot of Burn Notice's Michael Westen (Jeffrey Donovan)—and you guys responded with over 100 caption ideas! We are beaming with pride. Here are a small sampling of our favorites:

... charmed4eva112 knew the way to our hearts with a solid OC nod:
"If somebody doesn't confess to spilling the cereal, I'm going to go so Ryan Atwood on your ass!"

... No, really, we love a good TV reference. Nice work, Geek_Queen:
Even Michael Westen is tired of Gordon Ramsay.

... Same to you, BoDeans66:
"Anything Jack Bauer can do, I can do better! You want moody and intense? Done."

... From Aggie_TV_Addict:
"We ran out of spoons."

... From thewhitewizard1:
"This is what I call a fully-stocked kitchen!"

... From epsilon012:
"I think I found what was wrong with your sink."

... From dexterin08:
"Did I read that right? The recipe called for gun powder, not garlic powder??!"

... From XGalt:
"Sometimes in the field all you have is oranges, a bowl, a shotgun, and a powerful thirst for orange juice."

... There were many mentions of The Boomstick, and we liked AlexanderHerb's the best:
"Dammit Sam! I said Broomstick, not Boomstick!"

... And as MathMan33 so aptly put it, Special-K99 won the internet with this one:
"My name is Michael Westen, I used to have a breakfast. Since someone stole my breakfast I've got nothing. No fried eggs, no pancakes, no bacon. I'm stuck with this empty dish they decided to dump on me. Bottom line? Until I figure out who stole my breakfast...I'm not going anywhere!"

Up next: This confusing shot of a wheelchair-bound Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) and his seemingly doting ex-wife Zoe Landau (Jennifer Beals) on Lie to Me. Post your best caption idea in the comments!

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