Open Caption: Louie

I've gotta admit, I enjoy the obscure references you guys often throw in to these submissions, even when I don't actually get them. I especially enjoyed the Breaking Bad and Batman jokes this morning. Of course, the caption that took it all home also made me lollercatz—mostly because the same could be said about J.R.'s face. Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From Taccado:

J.R.: "Geez, was your plastic surgeon also a surrealist sculptor?"

From heartzkidnapper:

J.R.: "What happened to your face?"
Woman: "You know how I wear dental braces?"
J.R.: "So..."
Woman: "Some idiot parked a giant magnet near the evidence room when I was there!"

From wind_shadow:
J.R.: "Uhh.....gosh, Barbara, as tempting as a game of "master and genie" sounds, I think I'll pass."

Today's Image: Louie

Tonight Louie will attempt to find REAL love in an episode titled, "Daddy's Girlfriend (Part 1)." It sounds like he wants his girls to have a ...'Daddy's girlfriend' lady in their life? Nothing wrong with that! And I thought the still photo below was adorable enough to have some fun with. In it, Louie sits with daughters Lilly (L) and Jane (R). KIDS SAY THE DARN'DEST THINGS, remember? So have fun with it and post your best caption ideas in the comments.

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