Open Caption: Louis C.K. Returns to Parks and Recreation

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Admittedly, some of your comments from yesterday's Open Caption made me blush. Well played, everyone! It was a tough call, but three of you managed to come out on top. Pun intended. Oh, and before I forget, make sure to check out our new Open Caption board on Pinterest, where we'll be posting all the winning captioned photos. See them all in once place! And now, here are the winners from yesterday's contest:.

From qbe_64:
Aaron: "Impressive, I didn't feel a thing."

From Geek_Queen:
Aaron: "Uh, Miss, we only take American Express."

From ben45tpy:
Aaron: No, I'm still going to need a photo ID.

UPDATE Whoops! As it turns out, Parks and Recreation isn't airing tonight, and the Louis C.K. episode is actually scheduled for next week, on February 16. Apologies for getting your hopes up! We're going to stick with the picture for today's contest, in part because we've already gathered so many great submissions, and in part because we're feeling masochistic. Thanks for understanding!

Today's Image: Parks and Recreation

In tonight's episode of Parks and Rec, "Dave Returns," um, well, Dave returns. And in case you've forgotten, Dave is played by Louis C.K. And we love Louis C.K. as Dave! So let's rejoice by guessing the awkward conversation topics Leslie (Amy Poehler), Ben (Adam Scott), and Leslie's ex, Dave, are discussing in the image below. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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