Open Caption: Modern Family

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It's so nice to know that we can all jump in the Buffy reference pool without leaving anyone hanging. And that we all feel comfortable mixing metaphors. Here are the winners from yesterday's Ringer contest!

From docspector:
Who has two thumbs and wishes he was on a better show? This guy...

From Geek_Queen:
Henry (whispering): "Psst. Siobahn, there's a strange, green creature crawling on your shoulder."
Siobahn/Bridget: "Don't worry. That's just something that Willow whipped up today."

From shre123:
Henry: "EYYYYYY!!!" Bridget: "Please, don't jump the shark... not now..."

Today's Image: Modern Family
Oh, Phil, always looking like he's up to something creepy even though he means well. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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