Open Caption: New Girl

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I'm loving that our selection of photos to caption are widening with all of these new premieres. It's actually almost harder on me because I actually have choices to choose from! Woohoo! Making my life harder somehow makes me a lot happier. Here are the winners from Friday's contest:

From Sylar108:

Barney: " Haaaaaave you met Quinn's bra?"

From jaynashvil:

Barney: "Whoever fits this bra is the murderer!!!"
Robin: "This is why we got kicked off the murder mystery cruise."

From darkitp:

Barney: "First thing we should teach the child is how to unhook the bra—Robin do your civic duty and wear this!"

Today's Image: New Girl

It's back! Twice, actually: First at 8pm and then again at 9pm, with a little Ben and Kate squished in between the two episodes—very sneaky, Fox! Anyway, in one of tonight's episodes, "Re-Launch," Jess gets laid off from her teaching gig and Schmidt hires her as a shot girl for his new "rebranding" party. Also, this happens: As you can see in the still below, Schmidt has designed a new garment and he explains what it is to Winston. Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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