Open Caption: New Girl's Thanksgiving Episode

Being a broke girl in New York looks like so much fun on TV! Here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From Geek_Queen:
Kelly: "Did you know that the '80s sitcom My Two Dads was filmed in this very loft?"
Max: "Uh, no. I did not know that. Thank you, Random Factoid Lady."

From Taccado:
Max: Guys say women become better looking the more you drink. Now I think it's time to test that theory.
Caroline: I'm already way ahead of you, but I can't say that it's working for me.

From StrawDog:
Max: Yeah, I like to eat. I also have a vagina, you want to fight about it?
Woman: I was actually just passing by.

Today's Image: New Girl
In tonight's episode, Jess will be donning some turkey feathers and crushing on guest-star Justin "I'm a Mac" Long. Do you think our television sets will be able to withstand the sheer force of all this likable talent? Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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