Open Caption: Now With Actual Captions! (Plus: Glee)

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I'm going rogue on the Open Caption rules: Each day, one of the lucky winners gets to see his or her caption on the original photo! Share it on Tumblr or Pinterest, print it out and send it to your grandma—the choice is yours. You earned it. In the interest of full disclosure: It's harder to fit longer responses on the still image, so take that as you will, but also know that you're all winners in my book! Especially if you make the top three.

Now here are the winners from yesterday's contest:

From JamesButko:
House: "Is it a gunshot wound? Or is it lupus?"
Taub: "It's definitely a gunshot wound, we all just watched you shoot him."

From chas031:
House: Patient is a 30-something hospital administrator with a sucking chest wound, weeeeeeelll??
Adams: Band-aid!
Chase: Ibuprofen.
Taub: Push IV wide open filled with air!
Park: Euthanasia.
House: Wrong!! Administer two more rounds to the legs to stop the patient from running way.

From efonsecajr:
House: "Ready. Aim. You're all FIRED."

Today's Image: Glee
Who doesn't love a Michael Jackson tribute? Among other things, tonight's episode of Glee features Blaine taking a Slushie to the face. Maybe Sebastian thought he looked thirsty? Post your best caption ideas in the comments!

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