Open Caption: Once Upon a Time and Its Green Screen

Yes! Way to steer clear of gutter balls! Your Once Upon a Time Open Caption entries were total turkeys (but in the good bowling kind of way). Here are the winners:

From Taccado:
Tom: "I came up with this unique stance for bowling. It's 200 percent cooler than any other stance. I call it 'The Baller.' It's named after me."

From pcsjunior002:
Tom: "Come on, little ball of wonder, make me those millions. When my new bowling outfits take off, I'll be able to restart Entertainment 720."

From ToddMurray:
Tom: "I didn't want to put in the work to learn how to bowl, I just wanted these dope shoes. They were in Details magazine, so they're awesome."

This Weekend's Image: Once Upon a Time
Hate to break it to you, folks, but a lot of what you see on television isn't real. It's mostly smoke and mirrors and green screens. The following still from this Sunday's episode reveals what things look like before all the background art gets added in. That there is Snow White and her dad, King Leopold, in their "palace." I invite you to use your imagination to fill in the blanks of that green screen and post your best caption ideas in the comments!

By the way, lovely Open Captioners, today is my last day of writing this column, as I'm moving on from But don't fret, the fun will continue once I'm gone! Until we meet again, keep it real!

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